T-Shirt Weight and its Impact on Custom Printing

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An ounce weight is one of the important factors that affect the quality of fabrics. It pertains to how much a square yard of textile weighs. Manufacturers depend on the ounce weight of products to decide which kind of fabric will best suit their requirements. This scenario is best seen in the t-shirt industry.

Then, what if you want to make your own shirt? Will the difference in ounce weight have an effect on your custom design? Also, what ounce weight is appropriate to use for custom designed t-shirt printing?


T-Shirt Weights and Its Importance

Degign T Shirt There are different options available in the market for t-shirts. Sometimes, it can be quite confusing as which kind of t-shirt is the best to choose for custom printing. The standard t-shirt weight is from 4.5 to 6 ounces. If the fabric weighs below 4.5 ounces, it is considered as a lightweight shirt. Lightweight shirts are popularly used by luxury brands because of their soft and airy feel. Lightweights are popularly used for places with hotter climates for its smooth and comfortable fabric.  They are also mostly used by fashion designers where thin and little printing is required.

However, if you want a more durable kind of t-shirt, you may want to consider using a heavyweight t-shirt. Heavyweight t-shirts weigh around 6.0 ounces. These t-shirts are ideal for heavy wear and tear use like construction and other types of uniform.


The Impact on Imprinting Process

To achieve the best results, t-shirts should have the appropriate weight to withstand the imprinting process. T-shirts that are mass printed, like those used for promotional purposes, are usually from warehouses. These t-shirt suppliers will be able to help you select the correct kind of t-shirt with the appropriate ounce weight that is suitable for your custom t-shirt design.

Moreover, if you want to make your own shirt with a custom design specifically just for you, you can approach t-shirt companies. You can search most of these companies online. They can also help you choose the most appropriate shirt weight that will best suit your requirement.


Weight and the Costs It Bears

When you make your own shirt, another important factor to consider is the cost. The general rule in the textile industry is: The heavier the ounce weight is, the higher the cost. However, you must also take note that some lightweight fabrics can still be costly because of the special materials used and also the specific handling process it undergoes during imprinting.

Additionally, the t-shirt ounce weight has also a big impact on how much the shipping cost will be from the supplier or decorator. Heavyweight shirts mean heavier boxes or more boxes to be shipped. Heavier boxes or more boxes mean additional costs for you. A standard t-shirt may weigh around half a pound depending on the fabric you chose and the design that you requested. Therefore, if a shirt is to be used for promotional purposes or to be a uniform, a single shipment could be hundreds of pounds. A solution to this problem is to choose the closest possible delivery address to prevent shelling out money for freight costs.

Aside from the shipping cost from retailers or printing companies, it is also essential to know how much it will be to ship your finished product to an individual customer. Direct mail shipping can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For that reason, you should look for the most cost-effective way to deliver the custom shirt to your buyers.


T-Shirt Weight and its Marketing Impact

How a shirt looks, including its weight, texture, and feel, creates an impression on how people see a company or even an individual. A low-quality t-shirt can give off an impression that the company is cheap and flimsy. On the contrary, a comfortable, good-looking t-shirt shows that the company cares, so individuals wear the t-shirt repeatedly.


Which is the best?

t shirt designThere is no correct or wrong choice for your custom printed shirt. It will just depend on what you require. According to studies, older men like heavy cotton t-shirts better. Older women, on the other hand, prefer lighter weight shirts. Like older women, the younger generations prefer lightweight shirts. Nowadays, if you go shopping, you will notice that popular t-shirt brands like Urban Outfitters and the like sell more lightweights than heavyweight t-shirts.

The choice of your t-shirt weight also depends on the purpose you are wearing it for. As mentioned above, if you are going to wear it as a uniform for heavy jobs like a carpenter, you will need a heavier weight that will be able to withstand wear and tear. If you are an athlete or a cop, you will require something that feels comfortable and will protect you from moisture. In other words, a lightweight t-shirt may be appropriate to use.

Again, choosing the best t-shirt weight is all about your own preference. Assess the pros and cons, and then determine which one suits your needs. There might be a good number of options, but there will always be this one choice that is perfect for you.

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